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Balaklava Tour Request

Balaklava, Submarine base and Genoese fortress (5 hours)

This 5h excursion is a perfect combination of history learning, hiking and even boat ride.
Balaklava has changed hands many times during its long history. A settlement at its present location was originally founded by the Ancient Greeks, for whom it was an important commercial city. During the Middle Ages, it was controlled by the Byzantine Empire and then by the Genoese who conquered it in the middle of 14th century. In 1475 the growing Ottoman Empire took possession of Balaklava. And in 18th century during the Russo-Turkish War the Russian troops conquered the Crimea. Russian Empress Catherine II herself visited Balaklava in 1787. In 1954 Balaklava, together with the whole Crimea, passed from Russia to Ukraine.
You’ll spend about 4 hours in Balaklava and area exploring sights from different historical times. Also this excursion includes hiking to Chombal towers (remains of the Genoese fortress) with a fantastic view on the Balaklava Bay and the Black sea. After hiking we can rest on board of a private motor boat going along the bay and watching beauties around the bay and entrance to the submarine tunnel – built during the Cold War. The submarine repair plant, covering 5100 square meters was designed for the simultaneous repair and maintenance of 7 submarines. It could shelter 3000 people in case of attack and could operate autonomously for 3 years! We’ll spend the final part of our excursion exploring the Sub tunnel and learning its history.
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